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Baidhir Hidair
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BNormal is the ultimate Plugin for your Face Weighted Vertex Normals in Maya

All pros :

  • Best Results on the Market
  • Automatic : No Manual tweaks required.
  • Performances: get results and speed, thanks to the Maya API
  • Works on every Meshes, picky cases, no racism: That point is the most important, and the other approaches didn't fully make it. (AKA cylinders..etc.)
  • Free.

Blog Post (Updated)

PolyCount Thread (Updated)

README (Install Instructions):

'''Name : bnormal


Author: Baidhir Hidair "WaYWO"

Last Update : 3-25-2017 //based on mediochrea 's feedback on polycount


-BNormal has now two algortihms

-Algorithm 1 is the best one

-Use Algorithm 2 when results are bad. On cylinders Algorithm 2 is the best one

-command "bnormal" should be replace by (see below)

: bnormal -v 1 : (to use first algorithm)


: bnormal -v 2 : (to use second algorithm)

-as usual , reminder : smooth the edges of your mesh before applying bnormal , else, output is false

How To Use(

-Put BNormal.exe file under C:\Program Files\Autodesk\MayaVersion\

-run BNormal.exe and follow the instructions (AntiViruses Can be a-hole sometimes, I deactivated mine.)

-Go to Maya in Windows>Settings/Preferences>Plug-in Manager

-you should see '', check Load and AutoLoad

-You can now use the command :

bnormal -v 1 //(to use first algorithm)


bnormal -v 2 //(to use second algorithm)

//you can bind it to hotkey or shelf button)

-Select an Object OR Objects' and run the command, shelfButton, hotkey

-*Note 1( hard edges are now averaged.

If the meshes are not suited for FWVN

Workflow you can expect unwanted result.)

-*Note 2(If your normals are locked, colored yellow, if you

did apply bnormal one time, consider to unlock your normals

: go under mesh display>unlock normals>. Not doing so will false output)




Christopher Crouzet, Dorian Fevrier, Justin Israel, James O'Hare(Farfarer),

Makkon on Polycount, Martijn Buijs, Obscura on Polycount for their resources



numPy and sciPy python modules were used to make this plugin.


Contact :

twitter :



BNormal License

Copyright © 2016, 2017 BNormal Developer.

All rights reserved.

Redistribution and use in source with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:

Redistributions of BNormal and/or BNormal derived entities must retain the above copyright notice.


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