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Baidhir Hidair
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Hard-Surface made easier

The goal of Crease+ is to offer a simple workflow for Hard-surface modeling , made of bevels , booleans, creases, ZBrush and so on.

Supports Maya 2016 to 2019. there's no longer support for LT versions.

Crease+ has been rewritten entirely in Python lang.

Crease+ has a new UI, and the crashing bug has been dealt with.

There are a couple of new tools here and there including true curve-bevel,

but it's mostly refining.

Although Mac is not supported officially there is a good chance for it to work on Mac.

Updates are free, forever.


Make sure you read the README file (readit.txt).

If the UI is not properly loaded, try to load it again.

If there is any crash due to the UI, execute the delpyc.bat and restart maya.


some instructional material :

Basics - Crease+ Raw's - Polycount Topic



  • " Value change is too fast when using middle mouse button! "

Hold [CTRL] and/or [SHIFT] while dragging with the middle mouse btn.


Special thanks to :

All my friends, everyone, my client base,

and everyone again except morally corrupt people

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